Application Security

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Validate the security of your software development lifecycle.

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DevSecOps Support

Our consultants have extensive experience in supporting and enabling teams to provide and deliver DevSecOps capabilities. This includes first hand experience in the following areas:

  • Product Ownership;
  • Service Ownership and Stakeholder Engagement;
  • Scrum Mastery;
  • Technical and SME Leadership;
  • Information Assurance Support;
  • Software Development; and
  • Cloud Engineering.

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Source Code Review

This is a very detailed analytical process, involving deep inspection of an application, potentially including inspection of related systems or components depending on the purpose and scope of the engagement.

A review of the source code will typically involve both automated and manual techniques, incorporating steps from the OWASP Code Review Guide.

In addition, it may require deployment of the source code in a testing environment to allow dynamic analysis of sub-components and communication processes.

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